When my daughter Mickayla turned 11, she needed her first bra, so I took her shopping….It was not the special event it should have been. I refused to buy her  a padded, underwired or lacy bra and anything that I liked Mickayla rejected as something her Nanna would wear. We simply could not find a bra that we both agreed on. After a long day trawling countless stores, we returned home empty-handed and very frustrated. I decided to speak to other parents, I then discovered I wasn’t alone in this frustration, and so a business idea was born to create a range of beautiful and comfortable bras for the ‘first bra’ market.

After two years spent with two like-minded mums of many late nights and long weekends making samples, testing bras, creating a website, BlossyBloom was officially launched in January 2013.

(Unfortunately my two business partners have reluctantly returned to full time work and are no longer with BlossyBloom, I miss them and their input)

BlossyBloom designs and manufactures bras for teenagers. Our range starts at 8A through to 14B, they are real cup sizes and we have a huge range of patterns that girls love to wear, and parents will be happy to buy as there is no underwire or padding in our collections. BlossyBloom has made the decision not to have padding or wire in its bras as our mantra is ‘you are perfect the way you are’, so we don’t believe that we should make girls look older or more developed then they really are.

The collections are sold on-line and through parties. The parties give girls a chance to be fitted for bras properly and they can choose the designs they like in a fun environment with their parents and friends. If the girls are not comfortable with this idea luckily we have a great fitting room page on the website that can assist you to find your size.

Buying a first bra marks a turning point in a young girl’s life. BlossyBloom is committed to assisting parents and daughters through this transition by designing bras that are comfortable and beautiful that girls want to wear and parents are happy to buy.

Cheers Josie