All you need to know about Bras…and then some

When should I start wearing a Bra?
Girls come in different shapes and sizes, and they develop at different times, so when your breasts start to develop and it starts to feel a bit uncomfortable without support, then it's time to get a bra. So you probably need a bra somewhere between 10-14 years.
What sort of Bra do I need?
The first bra that you should wear is called a soft cup bra. These bras have no under wire or padding. They are comfortable to wear every day for girls just starting out in the Bra Club!

When you are playing sport, we suggest investing in a sports bra which will give you the extra support you will need.
What Does It Feel Like To Wear A Bra?
When you start wearing a bra it can feel a bit strange. You may feel a little constricted at first, but if it is the right size for you and you have adjusted it to suit your body, then before too long you won't even think about it. It just becomes part of you.
How Do I Know if My Bra is the Right Fit?
A proper fitting bra is very important for the developing breast. If your bra fits well it will be comfy and lightly supportive. This is important as it lets your breasts develop their natural shape and position. If a bra does not fit well it can:

  • Cut into you around the back or under the cup.
  • Leave red marks on your shoulder when the straps were too tight.
  • Cause your straps to fall down your arms if they are too loose (not a good look!)
  • Cause the band to ride up your back, making the bra uncomfortable.
  • Cause your breasts to flow over the top or out the side of the cup (not a good look either!)
The first step is to know what Bra Size you are.
How do I find out what my Bra Size is?
Bra's come in different band and cup sizes. The band will be a number, like 8 10 or 12, while the cup size will be an A, B or C etc. Go to our Fitting Room for directions on how to measure yourself to find out your Bra Size.

Remember that your body is growing and therefore your Bra Size will change, so it's important to re-measure yourself or be measured by someone else every 6 months.
What's the best way to put on a Bra?
Good question!

There are two main ways to put on a bra
  1. Put your arms through the shoulder straps, pull the bra cups down over your breasts and reach around to the back to fasten the clasp. Adjust the straps and cups to make sure your breasts are inside the cups and the bra feels comfortable.
  2. OR
  3. Turn the bra around backwards and faster the clasps at the front under your breasts. Swivel the band around to the back so the clasps are in the middle of your back. Pull the cups up and over your breasts and pull the straps up onto your shoulders. Adjust the straps and cups to make sure your breasts are inside the cups and the bra feels comfortable.

BlossyBloom's Tip When Putting Your Bra On.

When putting on a bra, lean forward and slightly shake your shoulders so your breasts fall into the bra!
How do I make sure I have the perfect fit?
Go to our Fitting Room to work out your Bra Size and remember the following points:

  • The band on the bra should be the same height all the way round your body. A band that is the correct size will allow you to comfortably run two fingers underneath it.
  • When trying on a bra lengthen the shoulder straps all the way to the longest position and then once you have the bra on, drop the shoulder straps onto your arms and adjust to a comfortable length. The shoulder straps should be firm but allow you to comfortably run one finger under the strap.
  • The centre front panel (section between the two cups) should fit against your ribcage. If the panel is coming forward then the cup is too small and you need to move up a size.
  • If your breasts are popping out of the cup, then this is a sign that you need the next size up in the cup too.
Five Fun Facts About the Breasts and Bras
  1. Bra is an abbreviation for the word Brassiere.
  2. The first Bras may have been worn in Ancient Greece.
  3. In Hong Kong you can get a degree in Bra Studies.
  4. In 1960, the average bra size in Australia was 10B. Ten years ago, it was 12B. Today, it's 14C.
  5. Most women have one breast bigger than the other, and it's usually the left one.